Douglas J. Eboch - Writer/Director

Doug's Website

Doug Eboch is best known for writing the original script for the movie "Sweet Home Alabama." While very proud of this film, it has typecast him as a romantic comedy writer. He's hoping Microbe will be the first step in pursuing stories closer to his true passions. Doug has degrees in screenwriting and film production from USC film school. He's written and directed for stage (Prank Monkeys, Sleepover at the Stable) and games (Nightmare Cove).


Scott Peat - Pike

Scott's Website

Scott's latest movie: Dead Season

Scott's latest Commercial

Scott Peat (Pike) has starred in over 70 national TV commercials and done guest roles on shows like NYPD Blue and Monk. He will soon be seen as the lead in the zombie film Dead Season.


Joan Farrell - Foley

Joan on IMDB

Joan Farrell (Foley) has had rolls in a handful of films including Killing Frisco, White T and Death Tunnel. She also performed on stage in Prank Monkeys, directed by Doug Eboch.

Amy Dallen - Madison

Amy on Set Amy Dallen hosts Geek and Sundry's comics vlog, Talking Comics. She's starred in several short films, including Moon Cycles.

Roxy Shih - Producer

Roxy Shih has produced many films, including the award winning Seahorses and Deadly Revisions.

Roxy on IMDB.

Andrew Shuford - Director of Photography

Andy on set Andrew Shuford is an LA based Cinematographer with a wide array of accomplishments and a broad understanding of visual theory. His ability to adapt to various production environments, and his shaman like approach to lighting and camera work has earned him the respect of his peers and a long list of clients including Hollywood celebrities and even The President of The United States. Andrew excels in both narrative formats and documentary, and has worked for the likes of: HBO, The Discovery Channel, The Obama Campaign, ESPN, and HGTV amongst many others.


Reed Johns - Production Designer

Reed Johns has designed such films as Seahorses and Beyond the Mat. He even worked on Sharknado!

Howard Heard - Editor

Howard on IMDB

Howard Heard has had divergent interests in filmmaking, creative writing, and math and sciences. He has been a film editor for more than thirty years, working on forty-six features, more than fifty hours of prime time episodic television, pilots, miniseries, four documentaries, and other short films and commercials. He co-edited the Emmy Award-winning episode of "St. Elsewhere" entitled, "Afterlife," and the Eddie-Award-winning MOW, "Women of Valor" for CBS.

Tim Hendrix - VFX Supervisor

Tim is a recent Art Center College of Design graduate who has already won an Emmy and an Addy.

Chesney Hawkes - Composer

Chesney is a successful pop singer and song writer. Check out his website.

The Rest of the Crew

Che Thornhill - Assistant Director

Sigmund Wong - Script Supervisor

James Tucker-Robbins - Stereographer

Doulos Kun - Camera Assistant

Kimo Keoke - Stunt Coordinator

Mario Colli - Gaffer

Vicky Constanitou - Key Grip

Matt Kendrick - DIT/Production Sound/Assistant Editor

Kevin McCarthy - Boom Operator/Stunt Assistant

Cynthia Lauren - Hair and Make-up

Marla Phagu - Craft Services/Catering

Roger Cordon - Key Production Assistant

Neha Dutta - Production Assistant

Laura Holliday - Production Assistant

Jack Larkin - Production Assistant

Phillip Mottaz - Production Assistant

Rebecca Gold - Swing Production Assistant

Michael Dinh - Swing Production Assistant